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What You Will Find at Nakh-lah

See Yourself in the Curriculum

Have you found difficulty learning Arabic? No more tears about Grammar! Meet a curriculum that is designed around you, the Muslimah living in the West. Speaking topics about the world around you to help your level rise quickly.

Speaking and Reading with Fluency

We start with everyday vocabulary and then put lots of new words with grammar to begin SPEAKING Arabic. We then identify words and grammar in the Book of Allah to begin UNDERSTANDING the Quran inshaAllah. 

Preparing You to Teach Your Children

For those of us who are convert Muslims, we need tools and training to share the language with our families. We can't pass down what we don't know.

About Me

My background

My name is Nadiya Johnson and I am the founder of Nakh-lah. I am a non-Arab revert Muslim, who learned Arabic as an adult over 6 years between study in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Professionally trained in Qatar,I have been teaching now for for 12 years, MashaAllah. I have established this center to give students more control over their learning by offering both live courses and self-paced module courses.

My vision

I believe that we can make Arabic a living  language in our homes with our families. My focus is first and foremost to help you get the language onto your tongue and then to balance learning by developing all skills; speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing.  I am preparing adults to use the Arabic language with their children so that the path for the next generation is made easy, InshaAllah.


What Current Students Are Saying

Alhamdulilah!! Finally I think I got it right!! I have been trying to learn Arabic for the last 3 years with very little success.  I have had many teachers all with the best of intention but not aware of the best method of teaching native English speakers. Sr Nadiya knows the journey non Arabic speakers need to take since she taken the journey herself.  And her voice....it is so melodic that it makes it easy to remember the words from each lessons.  She is patient, kind and I can not forget funny! She speaks to me in Arabic! Yes many teachers I have had in the past did not speak to me in Arabic...yes...strange.  I am confident with Sr Nadiya, me studying and the help of Allah(swt) I can finally master this beautiful language.  My Allah bless Sr Nadiya and all she does Ameen! 

Nadirah, Philadelphia, USA

After taking the class I can see things around me in my home and neighborhood and name them in Arabic. I feel confident as I ride in the car with my granddaughter and teach her the names of things, places and people in Arabic. 

Rahiqa, Philadelphia, USA


Asalamwalakum I would like to give a big thanks to Sister Nadiya for the Arabic For Women Center. I started out with the free courses in Nouns I continued with Verbs to build my vocabulary. I finally enrolled into the 3 Month Main Course. This really set me on track because every weekend I had face to face lessons with her and it helped me a lot. I constantly used the words from my lessons and my homework with my family, now they are using the same words as well, this has been a very rewarding 3 months for me because I have been able to understand some conversations now and Quran. I plan to continue my studies with her to go to the next level in Arabic. I never thought it could be this easy for me. All this time now I know, if you dedicate your self to what your doing you can go far. Exam day came and the rest was in all Arabic. I did things I had no idea I could do. I was blown away with my self. She constantly said use the words all the time until they roll off your tongue and I did so when she started speaking to me in Arabic I understood everything she said and I was able to translate what she was saying as well as give sentences back. Asking and answering questions in Arabic as well as identifying objects in every room . I passed with flying colors, I would recommend this course to anyone.
May allah bless Nadiya and keep her safe and blessed in her life and teaching.

Sadia Hasan, Philadelphia, USA