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We help you share the language with your family and make Arabic a living language wherever you are in the world. 


Don't Just Study, Experience!

Beautifully designed curriculum to keep you excited.  Everyday language connected to the Quran. Module courses and Live courses to give you control of your affordable cost. 

Complete Curriculum; Begin & Finish

Learn to Read from alif-baa

By the end of the course, the student can read Quran inshaAllah. 

Beginners Arabic: Main Course

Side courses: Listening 1, Reading 1, Grammar practice 1

High Beginners Arabic: Main Course

Side courses: Listening 2, Reading 2, Grammar practice 2

Intermediate Main Course

Side courses: Listening 3, Reading 3, Grammar practice 3

High Intermediate Main Course

Side courses: Video class  

(still in development) 

Advanced 1: Main Course

(this course still in development) 

My Beautiful Country

A sample from the 'High Beginner's' course.  In this lesson Geography, connected with words in the Quran, lead to writing about your country. 

Listening Exercise

Sample from Listening 2: High Beginners

Listening Comprehension

Circle multiple choice as you listen. Write answers after you listen.

Abdullah's Breakfast (pdf)


Geography Saudi Arabia

A Sample from my course: Arabic Reading Fluency 2

Reading Comprehension

Geography Saudi Arabia (pdf)


Hadith Memorization: 3 Live On


A sample from the Intermediate course from the Unit "Oh My Children!". 

Listening to Islamic Scholars

A Sample from Intermediate and High Intermediate Level work: 

(press CC for subtitles)

This is one of our goals Dear Sisters and (Brothers silently observing): to understand our religion in the language it was revealed. 

Arabic Online

Learning Options

  • Live courses face- to -face with a teacher taught on ZOOM video conference. 
  • Module courses you can complete at your own pace in your own time. 

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