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    Welcome Precious Sister in Islam

    What You Will Find at Nakh-lah

    See Yourself in the Curriculum

    Have you found difficulty learning Arabic? No more tears about Grammar! Meet a curriculum that is designed around you, the Muslimah living in the West. Speaking topics about the world around you to help your level rise quickly.

    Speaking and Reading with Fluency

    We start with everyday vocabulary and then put lots of new words with grammar to begin SPEAKING Arabic. We then identify words and grammar in the Book of Allah to begin UNDERSTANDING the Quran inshaAllah. 

    Preparing You to Teach Your Children

    For those of us who are convert Muslims, we need tools and training to share the language with our families. We can't pass down what we don't know.

    About Me

    My background

    My name is Nadiya Johnson and I am the founder of Nakh-lah. I am a non-Arab revert Muslim, who learned Arabic as an adult over 6 years between study in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Professionally trained in Qatar,I have been teaching now for for 12 years, MashaAllah. I have established this center to give students more control over their learning by offering both live courses and self-paced module courses.

    My vision

    I believe that we can make Arabic a living  language in our homes with our families. My focus is first and foremost to help you get the language onto your tongue and then to balance learning by developing all skills; speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing.  I am preparing adults to use the Arabic language with their children so that the path for the next generation is made easy, InshaAllah.